Sea to Summit RFID
Ultra Lightweight Money Belt


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Product Description

Sea to Summit RFID Money Belt

Sea to Summit RFID Money Belt Anti Theft - Blocks Data Skimming Devices.

Classic money belt design made from technical fabrics to provide contemporary protection while travelling. The Money Belt RFID has been updated with a easy-to-use buckle and an adjustable brushed elastic waist belt for comfort against the skin. Two zippered pockets with different sized compartments to suit coins, notes, passports and tickets. One of, if not the lightest moneybelts on the market, making it the ideal personal security item for walking the Camino.


- Made from Ultra-Sil® and lined with RFID-proof fabric
- Two zippered pockets with multiple compartments
- Soft 3D mesh for comfort against your skin
- Extra soft, brushed elastic waist belt
- Ultra lightweight at only 59g

Most bank cards and passports have RFID technology to store data which can be accessed by RFID scanners at retail outlets or immigration checkpoints. There is a danger that thieves can digitally access this information by covertly using RFID scanners from a distance. RFID-proof fabric does not allow scanner radio frequencies to pass through it, restricting digital access to your personal information.

Sea to Summit’s new range of travel safety products are lined with RFID-proof fabric. The copper-nickel plated fabric is visible on the inside of some pockets. The range is constructed with water and abrasion resistant Ultra-sil® fabric to reduce weight while maintaining durability.

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