Shaving Cream Can Safe


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Product Description

Shaving Cream Safe

Use this shaving cream safe to store your extra cash, passports and secure documents while walking the Camino. Most thieves know that pilgrims carry all of their spare cash, passports and travel documents on their person, that's why it's important to store these items out of sight of these opportunists.

Made from the original shaving cream spray container, the shaving cream safe is the ideal item to store your valuables while backpacking or traveling. The hidden safe can easily store your passports, travelers cheques, cash and lots more. Strong and durable construction. Keep a shaving cream safe in your home or caravan where thieves wouldn't think to look. Easy pop on - pop off lid. The can design may vary slightly from the images shown in the description.

x1 Shaving Cream Safe for $29.95, which includes postage within Australia.

Please Note: The Passport and cash seen in description photo/s is not included.


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